Christmas Holidays 2020 – Is It Safe To Book A Holiday Abroad Or In The UK?

Towards December, it’s time to decide if the Christmas holidays are worth it

With holiday companies promoting the Christmas holiday amid castle woes, you can be ready to book holiday trips with your fingers. But is that wise? While the thought of a Christmas market in Bruges or a relaxing winter break in a cottage in the Cotswolds is tempting, there is still a risk that it will be plagued by coronavirus restrictions. We cannot predict how freely we will be able to travel in December. We also don’t know how strict restrictions are in the UK. But if you’re up to gamble, there are a few things you can do to place your order safely and protect yourself from mistakes.

Five reasons not to book a trip for the 2020 Christmas holidays: 1. We don’t know if the UK national lockdown will end on 2 December. If you live in the UK and book your getaway now for December, you run the risk of extending the UK national key. Under the current lockdown limits, which will take effect as early as Wednesday 2 December, you are not allowed to travel far from home to rest in the UK or abroad. If these restrictions are extended, we hope that the package tours can be restored. However, some online travel agents have not played football and will not refund part of the flight package if the airline has not paid for it. But what about holiday homes in the UK in the event of an extended national lockdown? We hope it will fully recover. If you can only leave the house under special circumstances like work and grocery shopping, don’t expect to book a villa. While most villa companies have committed to reimbursement when national government restrictions prevent travel, be aware that the initial blockade made it difficult for many customers to get their money back. Companies such as Sykes and Hoseason refuse to change the amount until the Competition and Market Authority (CMA) opens an investigation. In June, Hoseasons, as well as and English Country Cottages, committed to replacing all reservations canceled due to restrictions related to the Coronavirus pandemic. In July, the CMA received the same commitment from Sykes. If you are still booking, make sure to choose one of the top vacation villa providers. WHO? The suggested provider will refund the amount if you are on a national or local key.

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Don’t expect business travel to bounce back anytime soon, said the startup founder

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the industry to rethink its operations, which, according to the two founders, have resulted in a “new normal” that must remain.
As physical stores close, many online retailers, said Ning Wang, co-founder and CEO of PingPong Payments, an e-commerce payment processing company.
While the tourism industry is expected to last for several years, Jason Song, Founder and President of PKFare said the digitization process for the tourism industry will accelerate.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the industry to rethink its operations, which, according to the two founders, have resulted in a “new normal” that must remain.

Many retailers have been forced to turn to e-commerce platforms to survive the day-to-day devastation of the pandemic.

“Of course, what we’re seeing is the first impact (of) the retail acceleration from offline to online,” said Ning Wang, co-founder and CEO of PingPong Payments – a cross-border electronic payments trading company. He spoke during a panel discussion during CNBC’s annual Eastern Technology Western Conference, which was held remotely and on site in the Nansha District of Guangzhou, China this year.

Wang stated that there has also been a change in the category of items now sold online.

“Some categories related to leisure have, of course, been removed. But, for example, many hardware stores in the United States sell mostly offline. They are closing shops to keep everything online,” he said. “I think we are still seeing the general trend of digitization. E-commerce is increasing offline but accelerating in a chaotic way.”

As the pandemic spread across the world in January, countries imposed strict lockdown measures and traffic restrictions. Many shops are temporarily closed and most office workers have to work from home. The tourism and tourism industry is being killed in the process as people postpone business and leisure travel and many airlines struggle to stay afloat.

While the recovery of the tourism industry is expected to take several years, the digitization process for the tourism industry will be accelerated, said Jason Song, founder and president of PKFare who is part of the panel. PKFare is a travel marketplace for airline tickets and other hotel services.

Decline on a business trip

Experts say that even when the pandemic is finally under control and the tourism industry begins its recovery process, business trips will take longer than holiday trips as companies have shifted to the virtual gathering type.

Business travel plays an important role in the travel and hospitality industry, according to an August report by McKinsey & Company. Business travel spending was more than $ 1.4 trillion in 2018. Business travel is important to airlines and hotels “not only in terms of traffic but also in terms of profitability,” the report said.

Both Wang and Song said they don’t plan on taking a business trip back to pre-pandemic levels any time soon.

While face-to-face meetings with customers are essential, Wang said online communication is increasing the playing field for larger businesses with higher travel and entertainment budgets and startups.

“Everyone is using Zoom,” he said, citing an online video conferencing service that was gaining popularity because of the need to hold real-life meetings during the pandemic.

Looking ahead, Wang expects e-commerce penetration in the US and Europe to reach levels similar to those in China today, providing “unprecedented opportunities” for small businesses to do business.

According to the PKFare Song, five years from now, global travel will be much more personalized in terms of the deals and offers that passengers receive.

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Travel Republic is proud to present six Holiday Promise Points to help increase reservation credibility

Travel Republic has introduced a Holiday Promise for all new bookings with a package with a 14-day refund guarantee if the trip is canceled.

OTA, which is owned by dnata Travel, said the pledge was designed “so customers know they are getting the safest, safest and most affordable vacation”.

The pledge has six elements including COVID-19 coverage provided by Rock Insurance, pricing quotes, greater flexibility, and Atol and Abta insurance coverage.

Travel Republic has completely replaced all customers who must travel before 25 October.

This corresponds to more than 100,000 orders. Refunds will be made within 14 days for customers traveling on or after October 26 whose holidays have been canceled due to the coronavirus.

Antonio Felino, CEO of Travel Republic, said, “Thanks to Holiday Promise, our customers can have complete confidence that not only will every booking they make with us be great value for money, but they will also be fully protected when plans need to be changed. .

“No other brand offers the protection we offer against COVID and we are delighted to have full flexibility and a 14 day refund when booking a new package tour in the event of any unforeseen circumstances and this reservation needs to be changed or canceled.

“Earlier this month, I was delighted to write to all Travel Republic customers to confirm that we have paid the recovery arrears, reopened the phone lines, and are now running all cylinders again. We believe Holiday Promise shows that we are returning something to them.” “

Travel Promise Promise Promise offers:

COVID Cover Plus: Travel Republic is supported by Rock Insurance Broker and automatically adds comprehensive COVID coverage to every free booking.
This means that if a positive COVID-19 test is canceled for a member country, customers are insured if they travel up to 14 days before departure or if they are admitted to the coronavirus hospital up to 28 days before departure. Cancellations due to refused boarding due to failed temperatures or medical tests at the airport; and cancellations due to excess due to the corona virus.

14 Days Refund: If a customer’s tour package is canceled for reasons beyond its control, Travel Republic promises to return all eligible amounts within 14 days.
Price Match Guarantee: If a customer can prove to Abta and Atol using another secure travel website that the Travel Republic tour package is cheaper, Travel Republic guarantees that it will suit them.
Complete flexibility: Customers can change their travel vacation in Travel Republic up to seven days before departure. Travel Republic does not charge an administrative change fee, but any increases in airplane prices or accommodation or conversion costs will be passed on to the customer.
Abta and Atoll Protection: Customers are confident that the company will adhere to a strict code of conduct and that all money spent on package tours with Travel Republic is protected in the event of a mistake.
Easy contact: According to Travel Republic, the telephone lines have reopened and a team of customer service representatives is available to assist customers with their questions.